Variety Check & Purity Verification

For several species, in a collaboration with two other companies, VHLGenetics have co-developed dedicated sets of genetic markers for variety control and purity verification. Underlying these developments is a policy to combine multiple DNA tests into packages. This enables and increases the possibilities to generate information about genetic parameters in a cost effective way.

These developments in SNPs genotyping have enabled dedicated Marker Panels available for Variety Control of every seed lot. The Variety Control has been based on a research phase, in which hundreds of potential markers were screened on hundreds of varieties. This has resulted in a database representing most of the globally available commercial lines.        

Seedlot QC & QA
Recent developments in the field of SNP markers have created a significant number of plant-related applications. The availability of sequence information means that marker panels can be composed in order to subject seedlots to quality assurance and quality control procedures. Our service also makes it possible to apply this internationally.

Tracking & Tracing
The concept of social responsibility has prompted the entire food chain to focus on Tracking & Tracing. Recent developments in the field of DNA markers enable us to employ a new management system for Tracking & Tracing individual animals or animal populations.

Verification of origin 
Verification of origin can protect your product and/or trademark, such as that for meat from a special animal species or product made from a specific raw material. A DNA test using a specific marker panel can confirm the correct origin of the product.
As experts in Tracking & Tracing between various animal species, we would be pleased to assist you in this regard and to have an opportunity to discuss your program with you.

The species currently available:  
Barley Eggplant
Brassica Lettuce
Broccoli Melon
Cabbage Pepper
Corn Sunflower
Cauliflower Tomato
Cucumber Watermelon

The Marker Panels developed for Variety Control are also available for detection of the percentage of inbred seeds in hybrid seed lots.

Both Variety Control and Purity Verification can be combined with the testing of resistance genes.

Sample submission for Variety Control and Purity Verification should preferably be ordered via our partner, Incotec.If you have questions about procedures, costs and options please contact us using the contact form or by e-mail.


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