SNPExpert: DNA tests for plants

SNPExpert offers a large diversity of DNA services relating to plants. Our DNA services comprise genotyping including routine tests, biobanking and DNA-extraction. We efficiently apply various high quality technologies, including KASP, Illumina BeadChips and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

DNA testing is available for mutation analysis in many applications. These range from certification of seedlot purity and seedlot variety to customized genotyping. SNPExpert applies advanced DNA technology, thus enabling DNA tests at a very attractive price.

In general, our services are certified by ISO9001 and accredited via ISO17025. In addition, memberships at branch-specific organizations are sought and actively maintained.

SNPExpert is the central brand for plant application performed by VHLGenetics comprising of three laboratories:
Dr. van Haeringen Laboratorium B.V. (VHL) in Wageningen, the Netherlands,
Dr. van Haeringen Polygen bvba (VHP) in Malle, Belgium,
Certagen GmbH in Rheinbach, Germany.

• Customized Genotyping
• Marker Development & Validatie
• Certification & Quality Assurance

• Submission forms
• Practical information

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